Jim Jones is from the home of The Pause Game. Being that he’s from Harlem it’s only right that he would run into an official Glizzy Gladiator while on the way to Aruba. This would lead to a hilarious clip that has made its way to the internet, by the way of Jim Jones Instagram, of a innocent passenger sitting next to Jim deep throating a hot dog.

In the clip Jim Jones would record the passenger as he enjoyed his on flight snack. “This is second glizzy. He has no respect. No disregard,” Jim Jones would state as he recorded the passenger. Jones would go on to refer to the unknown man as the ‘Glizzy Gladiator’ insisting that he has to stop downing these hot dogs in such a manner.

Besides catching Glizzy Gladiators in action, Jim Jones recently accompanied his former adversary French Montana on a new tune titled Too Late. Be sure to check it out below: