There must be something in the air on this Hump Day. While we have Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs going at it after the release of Jeezy’s Therapy For My Soul track. Down in Baton Rouge friction seems to be sparking between Kevin Gates and NBA Youngboy.

Kevin Gates would reently take to Instagram Live to rant about Youngboy. “They want you to think different of me you stupid motherf*cker. Your h*e control you, you b*tch,” Kevin Gates would scream into his phone. He would continue by stating, “You claim to be a monster but we know what you are. We did a video in Watts and you ain’t get out the car.”

Kevin Gates’ girlfriend, Dreka Haynes, would continue to try to take the phone out of his hand to get him to end the rant. She would eventually be successful getting the phone from him putting a end to his tirade against Youngboy. Check out the clip below: