On the night that Chicago rapper, King Von, was killed it was thought that two OTF members were murdered with him. The other two men would go by the names – OTF Slutty and OTF Louie.While, OTF Slutty would be pronounced dead, OTF Louie would be found to be alive after speculation that he had died in the shooting.

Now it has been revealed that OTF Louie has awoken out of a coma after being shot in the head. A video would surface on Instagram of him throwing up a hand sign while in the hospital bed. The person in the video would state, “Throw up the gang,” in which Louie would respond signifying that he is indeed alive and recovering. “I love you Louie. You gone bounce back,” the person recording the video would say in the touching clip.

Get well soon Louie, check it out below: