It looks like Lil Baby’s birthday night went better than expected. According to adult film star, Ms. London, Lil Baby said it was his turn to drip harder in that p*ssy and he paid $16,000 to do so.

Ms. London would take to Twitter and tweet, “The best dick I ever had came from a millionaire who didn’t say more than two full sentences to me. ┬áHe literally beat me to the mattress soon as i got in the room.” She would go on to drop a big hint stating, “Not dropping no names, but Jayda not leaving this man ever.” Jayda is of course Lil Baby’s long time girlfriend.

Ms. London even claims that she recorded the drip harder ‘session’ with Lil Baby and may be dropping the footage. She would tweet, “New videos & this one is popular. He know damn well he shouldn’t of let me record us.”

Lil Baby has yet to comment on these accusations at the moment. Check out the post below: