Lil Reese and Kodak Black’s artist and Sniper Gang affiliate 22Gz ended up in a heated exchange on Twitter today stemming from Lil Reese’s incident with 6ix9ine.

The situation started with when 22Gz would speak on Lil Reese showing 6ix9ine a gun during the infamous Instagram Live that took place within the past week. 22Gz would tweet, “I still can’t believe this n*gga showed a federal informant a illegal firearm on live!! These “rappers” are crazy.” Lil Reese would catch wind of the tweet and respond to 22Gz stating, “@ me brick ass n*gga stop sneak dissing b*tch you come thru my line tweakin I will up that b*tch on you face to face I do [the] same thing.” 22Gz would simply respond, “No you won’t,” with laughing emojis.

22Gz would continue to tweet stating, “He better ask Quando about me I don’t always need the blixk! I’m the first NY drill rapper to punch rapper in the face at the label!”

Hopefully cooler heads prevail so this situation can come to a halt. It doesn’t make the situation any better that Lil Reese is a Black Disciple and 22Gz is a Gangster Disciple from New York; naturally making the two enemies. This would explain Lil Reese insults towards 22Gz of ‘brick ass n*gga’ and ‘but anyway GDK’.

Check out the post below: