Nu Jerzey Twork was in a serious car wreck back in August which resulted in a halt in his battle rap career. Though, Twork is currently on the road to recovery and there is talk of him making an appearance on URL once again in 2021.

Although, Twork is on a hiatus from battle rap, Drake’s favorite battle rapper is still putting in work outside of the battle arena. He’s currently wrapping up his debut album Jerusalem which is highly anticipated.

Along with working on Jerusalem Twork has also been knocking out features for independent artist. One independent artist learned the hard way not to rush Nu Jerzey Twork for a feature. Nu Jerzey Twork would post on Instagram, “So this dude pays me for a feature, I’m busy doing features literally everyday. So after only 3 days of the feature not being returned, he decides to get on blogs & claim I stole his money, slanders my name, & makes jokes about my near death car accident I was involved in.. Even after all that I still did the professional thing and knocked out his feature.” The hilarious feature can be heard below: