While we’re having our own quarrels in Hip-Hop in America, our friends in London are duking it out on planes. Yes, you read that right on planes.

London Drill rappers, Headie One and Tion Wayne, recently put a whole new meaning on ‘on sight’ when the two rivals spotted each other on a flight from Dubai to London. Another London rapper, Morrison, who is seen in the footage captured by a filmer on the plane, attempted to interfere. Though, this wouldn’t be before Tion Wayne could land a shot on one of Headie One’s men.

Headie One would take to Twitter to address the incident stating, “Little altercation with some ‘gangsters’ coming for a fight with there phones out. Clearly some clout chasing. I’m good, I’m free, a hair on my head hasn’t been touched, I’m having dinner steady.” Tion Wayne would respond by stating, “Looooool ooooo you a internet boy now disappointing before the phones came out i buss your boys face you lot running to the kitchen man didn’t back out no phone.” He would continue with the tweets that can be seen below:

Many Twitter users would take to social media to comment on the fight that went viral. Check out some of the best responses below: