When you think about the world of battle rap Math Hoffa’s name is at the top of the list. We’ve watched Hoffa go from punching opposing battlers in the face on early Smack DVD releases to being one of the biggest voices in battle rap media; with his premiere podcast My Expert Opinion with cohost Knowledge The God and Ms Fit. Though, he’s decided to take a shot at being in media, Hoffa is still showing battle rap fans he can go toe to toe with the best when it comes to bars.

Hoffa is taking a step forward in what he calls ‘merging the worlds’ of Hip-Hop with his new battle rap series, Legends Only. The rap series will display battle rappers going against legends of the Hip-Hop industry that we normally wouldn’t see on a battle rap stage. For the first entry of the series Math Hoffa goes head up against Wu-Tang’s own Method Man in a one rounder. Check it out below: