Meek Mill has been getting it from all angles since his encounter with 6ix9ine. While many feel like he did the right thing by not striking 6ix9ine; many others believes he should have put hands and feet on the Hip-Hop Rodent. The front runner of the Meek Mill angry mob has of course been the outspoken West Coast voice box, Wack100.

Now someone else is stepping up to the plate and speaking out on the Philadelphia rapper. Chicago artist and former affiliate of Meek Mill, Calboy, would take to Twitter and speak on the situation. “Even the rats spit on trash dummy,” Calboy would tweet. The tweet would surround the rumors that during Meek Mill’s encounter with 6ix9ine he was spat on. The tweet would catch many fans attention in which Calboy would catch wind of a comment and respond. “We just got otp family, I was once dc before on meek side no matter wat a n*gga said bout bro, experience a mfer tho.”

Calboy would get on Live and further confirm his feelings towards Meek Mill. He would state that there is ‘no beef’ with Meek Mill or DC but clarify that Meek is a ‘flaw n*gga’. Check out the clips below: