Certified as Drink Champs alumni, DMX recently sat down with his friend and elite interviewer NORE for a new interview on the platform. During the interview DMX would discuss his new forthcoming album which will feature Pop Smoke and Griselda. They would also touch on many other subjects such as VERZUZ, Aaliyah, Prince, and more.

With a lot of drinking being involved on the platform of Drink Champs there are a lot of moments that liquor and natural conversation can create. This even includes the subject of how to get away with murder.

During the interview NORE would get a call from industry mogul Mike Kyser. Kyser would in turn have a conversation with DMX who he has a rapport with, a rapport so deep that DMX would kill for him. “You are genuinely loved by me,” DMX would say to Kyser. He would go on to state, “I’ll pop a n*gga for you and disappear. I’ll do it and disappear, I still get excited by sh*t like that.” DMX would follow this up saying, “There’s certain people I’ll do that for. The police always look for the suspects. Who had something to gain, who had a motive, who had a reason. The serial killers they get a extended play until they slip up and do some dumb sh*t then it’s ahh we found him. When you randomly kill somebody…” DMX would be cut off by NORE before he could finish his well depicted plan on how to get away with a body.

Check out the interview below (murder talk starts at the 1 hour and 40 minute mark):