Mo3’s manager, Rainwater, recently stopped by Mogul Media for a sit down interview. This interview would be conducted after the death of the Dallas rapper, who was killed on November 11th while driving down the I-35 Freeway in his hometown of Dallas. During the interview Rainwater would discuss various things including Moe’3 final moments.

Rainwater would reveal that he was on the phone with Mo3 when the shooting first started. In the interview he would state, “He was riding. Next thing you know he paused for a minute ‘Damn rain they shooting at me.’ I heard doot doot doot doot doot. ‘Damn bro they shooting at me, come on they shooting at me.’ I’m like where you at, where you at. I’m yelling into the phone where you at, he ain’t saying nothing.”

It was revealed in reports that Mo3 would get out of his car during the shooting and run southbound on the highway in attempt to get away from the gunfire. He would be chased down and gunned down during the shooting. Police recently revealed surveillance footage of the suspect, who a warrant has been issued for an arrest. Check out the rest of Rainwater’s interview below: