There’s many tiers in battle rap that separate the haves from the have nots, the in crowd from the not so in crowd. You have God Tier, Top Tier, Mid Tier, Low Tier. Many names in battle rap when mentioned ring off such as Loaded Lux, Math Hoffa, Tsu Surf, Hitman Holla. Though, there’s one name at the moment that trumps all, Fred! Everybody in battle rap wants to know – who is Fred?

Well, Fred was the name revealed at URL‘s Anniversary Card during Murda Mook Vs. Tay Roc. “You f*cking with Fred,” is what Mook would rap to Tay Roc and is the alleged name of the transgender woman that Tay Roc supposedly had ‘engagements’ with. Though, it has been denied over and over again Murda Mook is now saying that he has audio and video of said alleged events.

Murda Mook recently appeared on Goodz’ Whats Goodz Podcast on Caffeine where he would reveal this info. “Fred is just a name, my point I was making was it’s a n*gga, you understand,” Mook would state when breaking down who is ‘Fred’. “The transgender’s girl name is Trina, but we don’t know the transgender’s man name, [Fred is the guy],” Mook would continue. Goodz would go on to ask Mook if he has audio and Mook would confirm he does indeed have audio of the event. “I have audio and I have video and I have text messages,” Mook would state.

Murda Mook revealed that he had the audio in the tuck during the battle in case he needed it. Do you believe him? Does Mook posses this alleged legendary audio? Check out the video below: