Nate Robinson has been getting ridiculed on the internet since his fight against Jake Paul which lead to a viral knockout. The event that took place as the undercard on Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones boxing match even let to the #NateRobinsonChallenge. In the challenge people posed laying on the ground in a seemingly unconscious manner. Rapper, Waka Flocka, would even joint in on the fun.

Now Nate Robinson has broken his silence through the ridicule he’s receiving online. Robinson would post a classic clip of John Witherspoon’s ‘You Win Some, You Lose Some’ scene from Friday to his Instagram page. He’d caption the video, “Put that gun down son, get knocked out like your father used to. Great souls are grown through storms of struggles and seasons of suffering. #holdat.” It looks like Nate Robinson is keeping his head up despite the public embarrassment taking place.

Check it out below: