Tension between NBA Youngboy’s 4KTrey team and Lil Durk’s OTF has run high since the death of King Von. The tension has stem from affiliations within the camps connected to the murder. King Von was killed by NBA affiliate, Quando Rondo’s right hand man, Lil Tim aka Timothy Leeks, after getting into a scuffle with the Savannah born artist.

Things wouldn’t get any better with Quando Rondo’s taunting at his opps about the situation. This would include saying ‘Free Lil Tim‘ on Gucci Mane & Jeezy’s #Verzuz battle, releasing tracks End Of Story and Dead Guy in the midst of his death, & getting on live to taunt people making threats at his life after a cancelled show in Macon.

Now another NBA affiliate, NBA KD, is adding fuel to the fire by openly speaking on how he felt when he heard of King Von’s death. The Baton Rouge rapper would be on Instagram Live when he would state, “N*gga say that’s that Von pack, sh*t I wasn’t even talking about him but it might be,” while laughing. He would continue by going on to say, “I never liked dude. When I seen he got popped all I got do was laugh. That n*gga talked so much sh*t.”

Check out the clip below: