It was at the end of September when Baton Rouge rapper, NBA Youngboy, deleted all of his social media platforms.

Before deleting his social media platforms, including Instagram, Youngboy would clear out his Instagram deleting all pictures posted. He would shortly afterwards take to Instagram Live stating in a video, “You know why I deleted my pictures off my page? Women trying to incriminate me. Posting stupid sh*t. Well, they say stupid sh*t. I guess the people that they down talk a n*gga with leaked the sh*t. I don’t know. That sh*t be playing mind games. Well, I be playing mind games with myself because I be letting it eat me up.” After the live would end, poof – NBA Youngboy’s Instagram would be no more.

The rapper has also been fighting multiple charges after he was one of 16 people arrested on drug and gun charges during a video shoot. He is also being investigated for a pistol whipping that occured in Texas, that left a man in a coma. Now his name is being brought up in the death of King Von being that the two had prior beef before his murder and the men being involved have ties to the Baton Rouge rapper.

After going MIA, NBA Youngboy, made a brief appearance online recently to speak to his fans and issue a statement. “I’m still in a dark place in my life. I’m still hurting, but I’m still always praying though. Even though it’s getting thick and still getting it on.” Check out the video below: