Chappelle’s Show came to Netflix at the top of November 2020. While many were excited Dave Chappelle was not appeased by his show coming to the platform. This would be due to the fact that Chappelle does not receive royalties from the show. Netflix has now removed the show from it’s streaming platform in response to Chappelle’s request.

Chappelle would take to Instagram to post a 18 minute video describing in detail why the video would be removed. The video is titled Unforgiven. In the video Dave would reveal that at 15 years of age an older comedian would ‘borrow’ a joke from him and go on to intimidate him when he asked for his joke back. Chappelle would state, “I don’t think about it every day because that was the worst thing that happened to me. I think about it every day because that was the first time someone ever did that to me. But in my career, it has happened many, many times since.”

Chappelle would go on to speak on HBO Max and Netflix‘s announcement of streaming the Chappelle’s Show. According to Chappelle he got the announcement before doing Saturday Night Live. Chappelle revealed that HBO originally turned down the show when it was pitched to them before he took it to Comedy Central. He would say, “If you are streaming that show, you’re fencing stolen goods. They stole that from me. They just took it. This f*cking industry is a monster.”

Check out the video below: