It was last week when the internet was in a complete frenzy after Ms. London put Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby, on blast revealing that he’d clapped them cheeks. According to Ms. London the rapper dropped $6,000 (originally thought to be $16,000) to have a night of fun with her.

Lil Baby would of course respond attempting to deny the claims. Though, it would be later revealed by Ms. London he did in fact leave his ‘lil babies’ on her cheeks. However, it was before Lil Baby was with his girlfriend Jayda according to Ms. London.

The encounter was said to had been recorded by Ms. London and now the internet believes it has hit the net. A new video was uploaded to Ms. London’s ‘Hub’ account and people are claiming that is Lil Baby, it can be seen here. After watching the clip do you think it’s Lil Baby?

Check out the reactions below: