Playboi Carti is a rapper we don’t see much. The Atlanta bred star is rarely goes live, when he tweet it’s normally in code, and you don’t see him much in blogs outside of music releases. That’s until now after a video surfaced of Playboi Carti getting into a confrontation with a unknown man.

In the video footage a man approaches Playboi Carti about an alleged incident with his sister. When the video starts the man consecutively calls Playboi Carti a ‘p*ssy’. Playboi Carti starts to reach for something behind his back and ask the man why he’s pulling a phone. In which the man would respond, “Because you’re reaching,” insulating that Playboi Carti was reaching for a gun.

The confrontation would continue which would eventually lead to Playboi Carti smacking the man. Check out the clip below along with reactions:

Playboi Carti would tweet about the incident stating, “i KnOck br0 oUT . hE WAS bEInG TOo cRAZY! “