According to reports, the Chaos Esports Club has pulled out of a match that was scheduled to take place against Team Liquid in a form of protest against police brutality after the shooting of Jacob Blake. For those unaware, the Chaos Esports Club is owned by Pusha T and Logic.

News of this comes after Pusha previously revealed why he got into the esports industry, saying “I’ve been a part of this ownership group close to two years now and since the beginning, my main call to action was to focus on the lack of inclusion and diversity in the gaming industry.”

For those unaware, the Jacob Blake incident found a black man being shot in the back by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this past week. Pusha T took to Instagram to address the situation, saying, “Now is not the time for games. We are mad. We are exhausted. We know that gaming is part of the problem. We will not be competing in today’s ESL One Cologne 2020 Match against Team Liquid in order to do our part to move the light where it belongs – on the protests against this country’s continued systemic racism and police brutality.”