Things between NBA/4KTrey and OTF have been heated ever since the death of King Von. This would stem from Quando Rondo’s right hand man, Lil Tim aka Timothy Leeks, being the gunman who fired the fatal shot killing Von.

Suspicion of money being on the head of Quando Rondo has been buzzing in the streets since Von’s death. He would even mention it in what is being called a diss track to King Von titled End Of Story. Although, everything that hits the net isn’t what it seems.

With being in the age of fake pages fueling rap beef and causing confusion in the media and with the fans, we have to be careful not to spread false information. A fake conversation between Lil Durk and Quado Rondo would surface recently. In the conversation Quando Rondo would issued a plea to Lil Durk, asking for a truce. Check it out below:

Now Quando Rondo is speaking out and denying these claims that him and Durk had a conversation. He would post in his Instagram story stating, “Don’t believe no internet sh*t I ain’t dm nobody!” Check it out below: