HoneyKomb Brazy has had a lot of controversy surrounding him since his arrival in the game. It was in November when the Alabama artist would release surveillance footage of a shootout that occurred which he was involved in. HoneyKomb Brazy was hit 8 times in the shootout though he would recover.

The Rap-A-Lot signee would pick up steam after the incident went viral online. Now it’s being said that HoneyKomb Brazy is now finding himself in yet another dire situation. According to Alabama residents HoneyKomb Brazy’s grandparents home was shot up and burned to the ground in Mobile, Alabama.

A video surfaced online from Facebook Live which was allegedly the house burning that is said to have taken place. While there is talk that his grandparents were still in the home this is not yet confirmed and we hope this isn’t the case. Our prayers go out to HoneyKomb Brazy’s family.