Child star, Dakota Fanning, played in various movies that we all know and love including Charlotte’s Web, The Cat In The Hat, Man On Fire, The Secret Life Of Bees, and much more. Now that the star is all grown up she enjoys adult things like your average adult. This includes singing explicit songs such as Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP.

February 23rd was the 27th birthday of Dakota Fanning. Dakota’s sister, Elle Fanning, would take to Instagram to post a tribute to her, which included a video of Dakota singing WAP bar for bar. In the caption of the post Elle would state, “Yes, there’s a lot more where this video came from. Happy Birthday to the one who apparently is an actual alien from the future. A psychic told me you are a more advanced human being than the rest of us and have come to the past to help us all along. I love you doesn’t come close to how I feel.”

Check out the clip below: