6ix9ine was MIA for quite some time after his album TattleTales didn’t live up to personal expectations. Though, the Ratty Enigma has popped his head out of his rat hole with a new beard and looking to stir the pop once again.

6ix9ine’s recent parking lot altercation with Meek Mill went viral and caught the attention of many. This ‘many’ would include Jody Highroller aka Riff Raff aka Dale Dan Tony.

Riff Raff would take to Instagram to challenge 6ix9ine to a one on one boxing match. His post would read, “Hello @6ix9ine i see that you like to attempt to start fights with Real Artists that have police records to where if they were to kick your ass in a parking lot then they would go to jail and fuck their money up … So I, Dale Dan Tony, which (No Felony record) would like to turn the tables and play your game with you as well as Up the Stakes I challenge You @6ix9ine in the boxing ring for $1,000,000 cash. We both put $1,000,000 in a glass case at a Pay Per View event and the winner takes all. I will be training starting today and I suggest you do as well. I will give you 3 months of training as well. See you in the RING you little mosquito…. oh and did you really think you could steal my Rainbow Braids and shark grills and then NOT have to eventually pay the Prada Piper.”

Riff Raff would combine his statement to 6ix9ine with a video of him displaying his skills in the ring. Would you like to see 6ix9ine and Riff Raff duke it out for a million? Check out the clip below: