Reports surfaced yesterday that shooting had occurred at a music video of Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg. During the shooting 3 people would be injured and 2 would be hospitalized. Though, both the rappers are now speaking out and letting the world know that the shooting had nothing to do with them and they’re okay.

Roddy Ricch would take to Twitter to simply state, “Ain’t nobody shoot at me. We all good. I’m just tryna feed the streets.” Roddy Ricch who had a great 2020 teased music December 2020 and vowed to ‘let the work speak all 2021’ and he seems to sticking to just that.

42 Dugg would take to Instagram Live with Lil Baby to speak on the situation. “Why they say you got shot,” Lil Baby would say to 42 Dugg while laughing. 42 Dugg would in turn respond, “They say all type of h*e sh*t on me. First I was [fighting a h*e],” referring to the viral video of the 42 Dugg look-a-like knockout. He would continue by saying, “Yall stop with that fake sh*t man. We ain’t been around no guns or shooting or none of that.” Lil Baby and 42 Dugg would continue to joke around about rumors that circulate about 42 Dugg.

Good to see that Roddy and 42 Dugg are both okay. Check out the clip below: