In the wake of the deaths of King Von and Mo3, Houston rapper Slim Thug, took to his Instagram Live to share some words of wisdom from a OG to the younger homies in the game.

Slim Thug would begin the live by describing how he starts his day with reading a word out the bible and saying a prayer. He would go on to state, “it’s like therapy bro, you really have to take your peace serious.” Slim Thug would continue by saying, “We f*cked up, we like PTSD or some sh*t. We’ve been through so much sh*t, seen so much f*cked up sh*t, raised f*cked up, everything f*cked up. So you have to self heal.”

The OG Houston rapper would go into speaking positive affirmations into existence. This would lead into the conversation of speaking negativity and death in music. “Let’s talk about Tupac, all he talked about was dying his whole f*cking rap career and he died. Biggie sh*t was ‘Ready To Die’ and he died. Don’t speak that sh*t into existence bro. Speak positive sh*t into existence. That sh*t is real, if you speak negative then negative will come.”

Check out the full clip below: