Gucci Mane has a lot of people quoting his infamous ‘smoking Pookie Loc’ line after his #Verzuz battle with Jeezy. The line that had everyone ducking for cover from their laptop has now become a legendary moment in Hip-Hop. This is due to the fact nobody ever in the history of rap has performed a diss song with their adversary standing 6 feet away from them. Plus, smoking on someone’s ‘dead homie’ is the ultimate form of disrespect. Though, some are angry at Gucci’s actions during the #Verzuz event.

Former CTE artist, Lil Sodi, would take to Instagram to express his grievances going at Gucci Mane. He would post a video stating, “We smoking on that Gucci. I got them Gucci packs on they way to the Mac n*gga, we finna smoke on Gucci loud n*gga. Rest in peace Pookie Loc, f*ck Gucci. It ain’t even about Jeezy, you mentioned the wrong name b*tch. Pookie Loc the loc. Mac Town Gangsta, LA to GA.”

Lil Sodi was formally signed to Jeezy’s CTE West imprint around 2012. Before signing to Jeezy he was signed to The Game’s brother, Big Fase 100, 100 Entertainment brand. He’s affiliated with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips.