With COVID-19 still rearing its ugly head throughout the globe, some of us are still looking for ways to stay drippy while staying protected from particles flying in the wind. Well, no need to worry anymore! If you have the extra spending room, you can toss out your dripless N95 mask and purchase a face mask from the premiere designer brand, Burberry.

The mask are available in the colors “Archive Beige” or “Pale Blue”. The material used in the mask are enhanced with antimicrobial technology, which makes these mask perfect for COVID-19 prevention. The buyer will also be provided with a matching travel pouch of the same colorway/pattern.

You can purchase the mask from Burberry’s website for the price of £90 GBP (around $118.00). Part of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to Burberry’s COVID-19 Community Fund. Get drippy!