James Harden has been running into a lot of criticism since missing a portion of the Houston Rockets training camp. Though, not only did James Harden miss training camp, but when he was supposed to be at camp he was attending Lil Baby’s birthday extravaganza.

James Harden’s actions didn’t sit right with many, including former NBA player turned podcaster, Stephen Jackson. Jackson would open up about Harden being missing in action on the latest episode of All The Smoke.

Jackson would state, “The Rockets finally get a young Black coach, a young Black coach gets an opportunity and you don’t wanna show up to camp. You don’t wanna play for him?! How that look? And you wonder why every time a Black coach get a job, they put him in the bullshit situation.” He would continue by stating, “What a real one would do is go play for that Black coach and make him look good and build with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins – some real ones! But obviously, you wanna chase rappers around!”

Check out the clip below: