Chicago rapper, Famous Dex, first arrived on the scene around 2014 when he was introduced to the world as Black Migo Dex. He would put a energetic twist on the Drill sound that was hot at the time, making a sound of his own. The unique rapper we knew as Black Migo Dex, would reinvent himself into Famous Dex in 2015 releasing video after video with Laka Films. With his work ethic being unmatched, Famous Dex’s buzz would shoot straight to the top. Although, the Dex we knew is now a thing of the past.

Famous Dex has fallen into a dark abyss due to drugs. The internet and fans are now starting to take notice claiming that the rapper is ‘dying right in front of our eyes’ and needs help immediately. Many would take to social media comparing pictures of the Dex of the past to the Dex we come to know today.

Similar to his close friend, NLE Choppa, Boonk now known as John Gabbana, would reach out to Famous Dex with a heavy message via his Instagram story. In the message Gabbana would tell Famous Dex, “It’s never too late to make a change. Just keep faith. Jesus loves you.” Check out the statement in full below: