What’s the number one rule to the internet? The internet never forgets, never forgets.

It was on the 7th of November when it was announced that Joe Biden had become the elect to serve as the 46th President of The United States. Many celebrated and took to social media to announce how proud they were to get rid of the Sunkist faced mad man known as Donald Trump. Even Chance The Rapper would take to Twitter to simply say, “Ayyyyyyyyyyy,” in response to the news. Though, Chance The Rapper would be met with instant backlash and screenshots.

Twitter users have a game they like to play called “Is This You” If you’ve ever been on the tail end of a “Is This You” tweet then you know how detrimental these situations could be. Twitter users would throw Chance’s tweets downplaying Joe Biden and placing Kanye West on a pedestal as the better candidate, back at the rapper as a reminder that he wasn’t exactly down with the ’cause’.

Check out some of the tweets below: