Respect should always be shown to the dead after their passing, but with celebrities this isn’t always the case. In the age of social media there is always someone thirsty for a quick come up and willing to put morals on the line for ‘clout’.

We’ve seen situations with people taking pictures of fallen rappers in their casket and posting them online, though this situation is much more grim. The internet is speaking out and pissed after autopsy photos of Chicago rapper, King Von, who was murdered this week in Atlanta made its way online. While you do have a few weirdos asking to see the pictures, majority of social media users are asking others to keep it off their feed.

One fellow Chicago rapper, Katie Got Bandz, would speak out on the pictures stating, “That sh*t bogus as hell whoever did that sh*t you foul the family can’t even f*ckin grieve ugh I hate you internet ass people.” Check out tweets below and see the responses (and side note: f*ck no we’re not posting the pictures, respectfully.):