The name ‘Tooka’ became popular around 2012 on Chief Keef’s break out streets single 3Hunna. On the tune Keef would represent the Chicago based gang Black Disciples. In turn he would disrespect his rivals stating, “F*ck a Tooka Gang, b*tch I’m 3Hunna.” He would rap this bar referring to a set of Gangster Disciples on 63rd and St. Lawrence in the Woodlawn neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The set would adopt the name ‘Tooka Gang’ after Shondale ‘Tooka’ Gregory who was killed on January 12, 2012 while waiting at a bus stop after being shot multiple times. Tooka was from the Woodlawn neighborhood and a friend of many GDs in the area.

Ever since the popularity of the name Tooka has grew many industry artist would copy Chicago gang culture saying their ‘smoking on Tooka’. This would include artist such as Young M.A., Lil Pump, Mozzy, Fetty Wap, and more. Chief Keef who made the term popular would even release a tune called Off The Tooka featuring Tadoe. Tooka would also be mentioned on a popular tune by Rondo Numba Nine titled Zeko featuring Boss Top, Lil Herb, and D Rose.

Now for the first time Tooka’s mother is speaking out on the disrespect of her son on Drea O’s platform. “He got his nickname from the hospital. They called him attitude, I shortened it up for Tooka because everybody didn’t want to keep calling him attitude so we shortened it to Tooka. I don’t get how they can feel so intimidated by someone who’s 15 years old and want to take a person and make them into a strain of w*ed. Where did that come from? Who smokes on a dead person,” his mother would state.

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