Gucci Mane has been wildin ever since the announcement of him and Jeezy’s #Verzuz battle scheduled for November 19th. Yesterday Gucci decided to poke fun a Jeezy over the 2005 killing of Henry Lee Clark III aka Pookie Loc. Today Gucci is deciding to continue to antagonize Jeezy a little more before the battle.

Gucci would take to Instagram posting a video running down a hill. When he made his way to the bottom he would state, “For everybody who asking me right, the #Verzuz is real and me and Snow Cone will be in the same room. But is fashion apart of the #Verzuz? Because I’m going to have that sh*t on tomorrow and if buddy have that same funny ass shirt and that dumb ass hat he had on that album cover I ain’t doing it.” Simply clowning Jeezy for his outfit on his Recession 2 album cover.

Check out the post below: