UK Drill started around 2012 shortly after Chicago Drill would get its musical transit going. It would stem from a area in South London called Brixton which is heavily gang ridden. Whereas gangs in the states go at it with guns, these gangs choose the knife as their go to weapon, which is highly reflected in UK Drill with terms such as ‘cheffing’.

Similar to Chicago Drill, gangs in the London use their tracks to taunt their opps and speak on things that occur in the streets. For instance, the rap group Zone 2’s infamous No Censor track has lyrics such as, “Ned just wanted a cheeseburger/Max, what you do that for/Knockout’s juice gets spilled on the floor/Huh? now you done started a war.” These lyrics would refer to the 2016 murder of a young gang member who was stabbed to death in a McDonalds in South London. London rappers also ‘smoke on packs’ in UK Drill referring to their being ‘rolled in a spliff’.

YouTuber, Trap Lore Ross, has released a mini documentary video on his channel detailing London Gangs Moscow17 and Zone 2. In the 30 minute video he tells all from where these gangs derive from, popular tracks, and murders that occurred on both sides. Watch Trap Lore Ross’ Gangs of London – Moscow17 v Zone 2 video below: