It’s like after Gucci Mane & Jeezy’s #Verzuz battle ended, everyone has an opinion on how Jeezy should’ve reacted to Gucci’s disrespect. This everyone includes Brownsville, New York rapper, Troy Ave.

During the #Verzuz event, Gucci Mane would of course, perform his notorious diss track Truth aimed at jeezy. Not only does Gucci Mane diss Jeezy on the tune but he also references Jeezy’s former friend Pookie Loc, who was killed by Gucci in 2005 during a botched robbery. According to Troy Ave, Jeezy should’ve retaliated during the battle in front of millions in return.

Troy Ave would take to his Instagram story to state, “If you killed somebody I love and we performing on camera… well I guess I’m killing u on camera,” Troy Ave would write, obviously referring to the #Verzuz battle. Check out the post below: