Tupac’s How Do You Want It music video is remembered for the cameo appearances by popular adult film stars at the time. The video for Tupac’s number one hit featured Heather Hunter, Nina Hartley, and Angel Kelly. In addition to the video itself, behind-the-scenes stories surrounding the music video have circulated for years.

Angel Kelly recently revealed what actually occurred during and after the music video. According to Kelly, Tupac invited only select women to his hotel suite for a private party after the music video was shot. The AVN Hall of Famer said at one point Tupac distance himself from the party and watched The Outsiders in another room while she laid in the bed with him.

Around 15:30 into the interview, Kelly revealed that Tupac returned to the party and became turned on by Nina Hartley’s dominatrix equipment. According to Kelly, Tupac and Hartley proceeded to have sex in front of Hartley’s boyfriend who was there just to make sure she was safe.

After having sex with Hartley, Kelly said her and Tupac ended up engaging in a threesome with Heather Hunter. When asked to provide more details about the late rapper, Kelly said Tupac was a great lover and loved women, and she never witnessed him mistreat any woman while she was around him.