Tonight was URL and Queen Of The Ring‘s Watch The Throne 4 event on Caffeine. With the ladies in the building holding it down for the female battle rappers, the first battle to take place was Coffee Brown Vs. Ms. Miami.

The two ladies would start off cooking until it got to the second round with Ms. Miami. She would attempt to pull off a scheme that would go left. While rapping Ms. Miami would pull out a blue bandanna and toss it to the ground stating, “F*ck Tookie.” The line would lead to pushing and shoving between her and Coffee Brown, who hails from San Bernardino, CA and is Crip affiliated. Coffee Brown’s boyfriend would interfere, causing more commotion before the stream was cut. Many fans are concerned about the safety of Ms. Miami being that the event took place in Los Angeles, California.

In the sport of battle rap lines can be crossed but do you think Ms. Miami went to far?

Check out reactions from battle rap fans below: