6ix9ine has been laying low since his TattleTales album didn’t do so well. The album would sell 53,000 in the first week which isn’t bad for an artist these days but definitely not the projected number for 6ix9ine.

Now it seems Tekashi Snitch9ine, we mean 6ix9ine, is popping back out his rat hole. He was recently spotted in Miami at a club throwing money. This fun night of tossing around his finances would be interrupted by boxer, Gervonta Davis.

6ix9ine’s presence obviously irritated Davis with them being in the same club. They would get into a verbal altercation which looks like it could get physical, although it didn’t due to 6ix9ine’s bodyguards.

Check it out below:

Gervonta Davis would respond on his Instagram story stating ‘SnitchK’ referring to 6ix9ine. He’d go on to state, “You get hit for just being around a mf but who am I!” Check it out below: