Battle rapper, Ms. Miami, recently went viral after she would engage in a scuffle with Coffee Brown after saying ‘f*ck Tookie Williams’ and dropping the Crip’s blue bandanna at a URL/Queen of The Ring event. The video of the situation and scuffle would explode on Twitter, eventually making its way to World Star Hip Hop. Ms. Miami would yell, “Where’s Stamp,” in the footage after Coffee Brown’s boyfriend started approaching her, referring to her husband and battle rapper Stampede. This would be the base of many internet jokes to come within the battle world.

Now in the midst of the aftermath Ms. Miami is making her rounds, doing interviews breaking down the situation. She appeared on Eazy Da Block Captain’s podcast on Caffeine, where she refuse to apologize for what she’d done.

Eazy Da Block Captain would address the situation and ask Ms. Miami would she like to make any apologies. She would in turn respond stating, “Absolutely not, I stand on what I said. There was a OG Crip present at the battle. She talked to me after the battle and told me the do’s and don’ts and told me what I shouldn’t have did. She said dropping the flag was a no-no. [But] she didn’t ask for an apology. So who the f*ck am I apoligizng to?” She would lastly state, “If it was that deep after I said it, it should have been blood in my mouth.”

Check out the clip below: