Instagram star, rapper, and supporter of Donald Trump, KingFace, has died at the age of 38 after possibly suffering from complications of COVID-19 but his cause of death hasn’t been confirmed.

Born Larry Henry, the rapper/supporter of Donald Trump went viral in 2019 and made appearances on many platforms, including the popular Flip Da Script Podcast with Queenzflip and DJ G Money. He would be known for his rather controversial views on politics, being a conservative, and supporting those such as Donald Trump and Candace Owens. He would even have a hour sit down with Candace Owens earlier this year to discuss their political views.

The viral sensation, KingFace, would fall ill a month ago, though many wouldn’t know his diagnosis. It was revealed that he passed away on September 20th of 2020. Queenzflip would take to Instagram to confirm his passing stating, “AS I SIT HERE IN YOUR FATHERS LIVING ROOM, IT HIT ME, THAT YOU’RE GONE, YOU’VE ALWAYS SHOWED ME LOVE & PUT ME & MY BUSINESS FIRST!! I KNEW YOU FOR OVER 15 YEARS & EVEN THO WE HAD ARE UPS & DOWNS YOU ALWAYS PUT OUR BROTHERSHIP FIRST!!! IM GONNA MISS YOU, I LOVE YOU , REST IN PEACE @kingface_f1 !!” Check out the post below: