New York rapper, Nick Blixky, was gunned down in New York back in May at the age of 21. The rapper had buzzing tracks such as Drive The Boat and Jet Li Pt. 2. He was also affiliated with the rap group The Blixkys who are a Choo subset of Six Tre Gangsta Disciples or Folk Nation in New York.

Being that Nick Blixky was affiliated with the quote unquote ‘Most Hated Gang In New York’ he got a lot of love, but had a lot of enemies. Some of these enemies are even showing their true colors after Nick Blixky’s passing.

1090 affiliate, Justo B, would show the utmost disrespect to Nick Blicky by doing an unspeakable act recently. He would take to Instagram to post a picture with a caption stating, “When the opps die we goin spin they grave #RakeInAGrave.” In the picture Justo B would stand on the headstone of Nick Blixky which had ‘GDK’ spray painted on it (GDK meaning Gangsta Disciple Killer). In the picture he would also throw the hand sign ‘dropping the rakes’ with a red bandanna. We’re not sure if this a sign of war or a attempt at getting clout, but we’re sure this isn’t going to end well