Lil Durk & OTF don’t seem to be letting up off the pressure on Quando Rondo after the death of King Von. Quando Rondo would recently speak out on an alleged DM conversation between him and Lil Durk, where it looked as if he was attempting to call a truce. Quando would deny these claims meaning that the truce was ‘fake news’.

Now things seem to be heating up after Lil Durk’s OTF members pulled up to Quando Rondo’s hometown of Savanna, GA. Memo 600 would post a picture on Instagram sitting on the town’s welcome sign. His caption would read, “DUCK YO SH*T #SIXO #OTF.”

Memo 600 would later shoot a music video in Quando Rondo’s hood of Frazier Homes Projects and go live at a local gas station while mocking Quando Rondo. He would post the video clips and drop his location stating, “Walking all through yo sh*t.” Check out the post below: