Here we have a prime example kids on why you don’t do drugs. Today on Wendy William’s latest airing she made a horrible mistake that I’m sure she will regret in the near future, clowning Benny The Butcher for getting shot.

Benny The Butcher was shot in Houston over the weekend during a botched robbery. The Griselda artist was shot in the leg and would indeed recover. Though, nothing about this situation was funny nor amusing which is why we don’t understand why Wendy had this reaction besides well, drugs.

Wendy Williams would state, “There’s this rapper from Buffalo. I was about to say where OJ played football,” as she laughed. She would continue making a corny joke stating that she thought OJ was involved. This would continue with Wendy stating, “This rapper from Buffalo, New York his name is Benny The Butcher, well he’s alive so it’s okay to laugh. Anyway, Benny is 33 years old and he was shot in the leg in a parking lot of a store in Houston.”

Wendy would continue cracking jokes and stating, “It’s robbing season,” encouraging her audience to join in on the laugh with her. We’re sure she’ll be apologizing soon, BSF won’t like this. Check out the clip below:

Benny The Butcher is at home healing at the moment, get well soon Benny: