Kevin Gates has been living free lately by letting his hair down or sporting the man bun. Doing so, he’s been receiving lots of backlash on his new look from both women and men. Though, today on Live Kevin Gates would be pushed to his limit by one Instagram commenter.

Kevin Gates would be on Instagram Live living free as usual when the comment would catch his eye. “We gone take some negativity and translate it into some positivity,” Kevin Gates would state before going into a epic rant. He would go on to state, “You say I look like a whole female it’s cool I do look like my mama and my daddy.” This would be follow up by some very explicit language.

“I’ll make your b*tch c*m. I’ll make your bitch c*m. You better leave me alone. I’m grown. I’ll fly your bitch out the country and stick my whole tongue in her a*s, man. Boy, you better leave me alone. Dreka gonna hold the camera. And you know I make noise when– Your b*tch’ll tell you, ‘you don’t lick ass, Kevin, you eat ass.’ Yeah, I sure do. I eat p*ssy so good. I swear to god, boy, you better leave me alone,” Gates would state. Wow, check it out below: