Thug is often rapping about the ‘gambling house’ and it’s documented that the Atlanta rapper started the habit when his dad refused to buy him tight jeans. If you’re an avid Young Thug fan than you know that gambling is one of his many vices. This vice would wring Young Thug by the neck this past weekend costing the YSL boss to lose his cool.

Young Thug would take to social media revealing that he lost $800,000 in Las Vegas. A video would surfaced of Young Thug stating, “Man Vegas just won $800,000 from me man. I through liquor every where in that motherf*cka. Damn man.” Young Thug would look sick to his stomach in the video clip but, who wouldn’t losing $800k.

We’re sure Young Thug will be able to recoup that $800,000 soon due to the rapper teasing new music coming soon last month. Many are speculating that it will be Slime Language 2 though, the title hasn’t been confirmed.

Check out the clip below: