42 Dugg seems to can’t catch a break on the internet. From fans thinking he’s rapping about sucking man meat on a new song snippet to believing he’s sitting in laps while shooting dice; the Detroit rapper always seems to find his self in a pickle on social media. Now he has caught another stray after a video surfaced of a look-a-like getting knocked out in the middle of the street.

In the video clip a group of girls are fighting in the street. During the clip two of the girls break off out of the group to scrap one on one. This leads to the 42 Dugg look-a-like with the yellow cap and white pants getting their meat knocked out their taco. The internet being the internet of course named the video “42 Dugg Fight At Club With Fans” for clout pumping the views.

Fans are even starting to respond to the video via Twitter:

Though it is hilarious, we can confirm this was NOT 42 Dugg in that video.