The Ying Yang Twins recently appeared on B High ATL’s B High TV to sit down and talk about their success at their height of rap and reveal various untold industry stories. In a recently released clip the Atlanta artist would finally unveil the age old secret of why Free departed from BET and 106 & Park.

Kaine would tell a story of meeting Jay-Z at the VMAs, where the Brooklyn rapper would give artist praise for their multiple hits. Jay-Z would state, “Hey baby! I don’t want no problems champ, I just want to tell you – you the man. It’s hard to sell records.” Jay-Z would later get back in touch with the Ying Yang Twins after they released Salt Shaker, saying ‘he wants in’. The Ying Yang Twins manager would send HOV the infamous Whisper Song which isn’t exactly Jay’s vibe and he would not get on the record. Though, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, and Free would hop on it.

Kaine would state, “Free said her mama almost disowned her for that verse she put on that record.” D-Roc would chime in and state, “Free got fired from 106 & Park for that record.” Check out the clip below: